Why Are Inkjet Printers A Waste Of Money?

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Inkjet printers may seem cheap, but have you questioned why? Does it appear as though the printer ink always runs out? Help yourself out and invest in a quality laser printer.

You may feel that laser printers are intended for the business world and have no utilization in a home setting, yet you'd be woefully mistaken. Laser printers are made for home as well, and here's the reason.


Ink cartridges are short-lived, toners do not!

Ink cartridges don't keep going extraordinarily long and can dry up if left for some time. In contrast, Toner cartridges can keep going for quite a long while. It's merely plastic residue, so there's nothing inside that is can melt and impact your printer.

This makes laser printers an incredible alternative for individuals who don't print frequently.

Moreover, you can get a massive amount of usage out of a single toner cartridge.  For instance,

An ink cartridge can print around 300 pages, while a toner cartridge would give you a few thousand.


Laser Printers Are Cheaper to Operate

Many individuals believe that laser printers are extraordinarily costly, yet they're quite standard with most inkjet printers—and now and they even more affordable.

For example, you can get an incredible quality Brother laser printer for well under $100, which is only a one-time buy for something that you'll possess for quite a long time. There are other incredible laser printers under $200.


More cost-efficient

Toner cartridges are a much more cost-efficient in regards to cost per page.

For instance, HP ink cartridges are $45 and will yield around 190 pages; this will cost $0.24 per page. A Brother toner cartridge is more costly at $54, yet it will print up to 2,600 pages, which turn out to a noteworthy $0.02 per page.

So you might pay more for toner cartridges, yet you'll be getting them considerably less frequently than you would with standard ink cartridges. You'll set aside much more cash over the long haul.


Laser Printers Print Way Faster

This is another category laser printers have a clear advantage.

For instance, A HP Office Jet inkjet printer forks out up to 8.5 pages every minute. Comparatively, the Brother laser printer will print 32 pages. This makes the laser printer multiple times quicker

Generally, your at-home printing mainly consists of black and white printing. Why not choose to pay that bit extra and get a product

 That will:

  • Not dry up over the years
  • Print more pages
  • Be cost-efficient in the long run
  • Print quicker

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