Three Easy Tips to Save BIG on Printer Ink Sydney

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Prices are soaring, and people are becoming anxious when shopping for printer ink Sydney. Being Australia’s central working hub, the market for printer ink is hot; however, prices remain high. Moreover, shoppers are spending too much without even realising that is the case. 

Adding on, it is not the best time to be spending in Sydney with the economy slowing down in recent times. Hence, this has led to Shoppers to be more conscious with the way they spend.  

So, why not be more alert to the way you spend on toner and ink cartridges. Most Sydneysiders seem to brush off the idea that saving on printer ink is not even worth investigating. What most people fail to realise the savings can be massive. 

“Open your eyes to the way you shop” - Ray CEO of Blueprint Toners

Shopping wiser for printer ink and being more mindful can go a long way. So, to change this stigma here’s three tips to save when shopping for printer ink Sydney:

 1. Question the Way You Shop for Printer Ink                           

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The Printing market is mostly dominated by significant retailers such as Officeworks and Kmart. They sell printers at lower prices; however, they make most of their profits by selling ink and toner cartridges. 

Moreover, their prices for printers are quite affordable and inexpensive. So, if you are looking to buy a printer, going to a retailer can be an option worth reviewing.

However always question what you are purchasing and why is it a certain price.

For instance, cheaper printer prices often mean more expensive printer ink. 

So, do not take everything for face value; major brands make the most money off the average consumer.

If you question where your money is going and are aware of the money-grabbing tactics, you can outsmart the more prominent retailers and ultimately save. 

2.  Calculate How Much You are Spending on Your Toner/ Ink Cartridges

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Well, now, that you are questioning where your money is going, its time to analyse and calculate. Printer ink Sydney prices are sky-high, why give in to the higher prices when you can save.

Time to take out that dusty calculator, then punch in some numbers to see how much you are spending. I know, this might sound a bit extreme, but trust me on this, it’s for the best. Find out answers to questions such as How long does your ink last, and How much you are spending on refills.

For example, if you are spending X amount on Epson ink, calculate how much you go through a quarter and note it down. Further, If you want to go more in-depth, you can calculate the number of pages a full refill gets and divide it with the total price.

3. Look for Ways to Save on Your Printer Ink

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Now, you are weary of the money-making schemes, you have crunched down the numbers, so now what are ways to save on your printer ink? The first thing to do would be to compare the prices you are spending to an online store

most of the time, you can grab your printer consumables for much cheaper online, you can find a massive range of products even catch the exact product at a lesser price.  

For example, Blueprint Toners offer both original and generic Epson ink cartridges at lower prices.  

Some tips to save on printer ink include:

  • Buying the products that suit the way you print. For instance, if you are printing just black and white pages, then compatible printer ink can serve you well. They cost less than the original products and offer great quality for everyday use.
  • Do you print a lot? Then a laser printer can save you HEAPS. Maybe you need to upgrade your printer and get one that can print you more pages for less. 

To sum up, these three things will save you loads on your printer ink Sydney. You can apply these three things to almost any aspect of your spending. Shop smarter and always have your eyes open on ways to save. Shop right and avoid being left out. Happy shopping! 



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