OEM vs Compatible Toner

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When it comes to toners, there are two ways you can go about purchasing the right product for your printer. In this article, we compare both the types of toner cartridges.


OEM Toner Cartridges


OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer; these types of products have to meet specific guidelines and policies, which the selected company has in place. 


Companies such as HP, Lexmark, Brother, Xerox, Canon, Epson and many more, all supply toner and ink cartridges suitable for their printer types. 


Original cartridges are provided by the company and are made in a country that the manufacturer has approved



Compatible Toners


A Premium Compatible Toner cartridge is a replica of an original cartridge. They are manufactured by third party businesses that specialise in this industry.


Furthermore, It is a product made purely for its intended use rather than focusing on other aspects such as branding. 


An analogy to this can be going to a pharmacy to purchase medication. 

You have a choice between buying well-known brands or one that is generic.

They both have the same ingredients.

However, you are paying extra for the branding and the product. 


So, what are the differences between the two?


The main difference between the two is that; premium compatible toners have a recycled shell casing rather than a new one. 


This shell casing is the cover, which contains all the materials and components of the toner cartridge. The production of the recycled shell casing is manufactured by Suitable and approved third party companies in which specialize in this field. 


For your peace of mind, most companies offer warranty for your generic toners, at Blueprint Toners, we provide a 30-day guarantee.


What are the upsides and downsides?


OEM toners



  • These products come with manufactures’ warranty. 
  • Found in most retail stores
  • Higher quality



  • Very costly


Generic cartridges:


The upside to buying compatible toner cartridges is:


  • The lower, much more cost-saving prices
  • Good quality for standard use

The downsides are:


  • It is manufactured by third party businesses 
  • They are not readily sold in everyday stores. 


 To sum up, if you are looking for high-quality prints, then original cartridges would be worth the extra costs.

However, for everyday black and white documents, generic cartridges are sufficient. 

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