Is HP XL ink worth it?

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HP cartridges, including HP XL ink, are believed to be one of the best ink or toner cartridges in the market. The brand claims that their cartridges are your printer’s best friend. HP has recently unveiled a few of the XL cartridges and according to the brand; it’ll give you the best experience possible.


The three major points that you should keep in mind while looking for the best ink or toner cartridges for hp printers are -


  • Is it cost-effective?
  • Does it last longer than other printer cartridges?
  • What is the maximum page count, it provides?


 So, let’s find the answers to the above questions, and decide are the HP XL ink colour cartridges are as cost-efficient as it seems. 



Difference between the regular and the HP XL ink Cartridges


 Let’s begin with the fundamental question that, what’s the difference between the regular and the HP XL ink. As you can see that the product name already has an XL’ in its name which means extra-large, so now you can deduce that the sponge inside the ink cartridges carries relatively more ink than your standard cartridges. 


Extra ink means extra page yield, so let’s put the tick mark for the last query in the list; with more ink, you will get maximum page count, and with the brand’s promise of giving you the best always, you can be sure of the quality. So it is worth your money when it comes on page count and quality of the colour.



Does it last longer than other cartridges?



Now, if you ask about the longevity of the printer ink, then it depends on your daily usage. Suppose if you are doing some heavy print work that requires prints, more than usual in a day then it won’t last more than a month, but then if you are using the printer occasionally, it will run relatively longer. 


In conclusion, both the standard and the XL printer inks provide the same longevity; it depends on how much you use it, daily. So, in this case, you cannot actually pick, which one is best, but then if you refer to the last question, that is maximum page count’, then XL ink or toner cartridges are a total go for your printer.


So, Is are the XL ink cartridges more cost-effective? 


Now the million worth question is the printer good for your pocket or not’? Now if you want more page count, or say you want both quality and quantity served on the same plate, you have to pay more. So as per the price of the product, it is obvious that your regular printer ink would be cheap,


So how to decide, which one is the best; what we could do is, analyse the price of the print per page, which is cheaper for the XL inks. 







For example, HP 80a prints 2,700 pages in $114.99, which equates to printing 23 pages per dollar.

 To compare, the HP 80x that prints 6,900 pages in $196.99, this gets you 35 pages per dollar. 

Hence the savings are massive; you are getting 12 pages extra per dollar just for buying the XL cartridges. 




There’s a cartridge available for everyone in the market, if you are someone who uses compatible printers of hp often, then go for the HP XL ink s, but then if you are an occasional user of printers then do not, because the ink dries up pretty soon; so think and choose the best option for yourself.

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