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Despite moving towards a more digital scape, we still find instances where we need to find the best printer cartridges, as the use of paper and photo paper is irreplaceable. People who work mostly with documents and articles can’t deny the importance of printers. Hence, It is essential to have smooth cartridges with extended work life. 


The life of your printer cartridges is dependent on its size and how often you print. There is a vast range of cartridges available that provide the best print quality, at affordable prices.


Here, we’ve listed down the best printer cartridges for your printers. These have a smooth toner/ ink flow, long-lasting, fast printing speeds and can be found in stores or online. Such as Blueprint Toners:




HP - 64 Black/Tri-Colour Ink Cartridges - multicolour/black with a standard capacity pack of 2 


The HP 64 inkjet printer ink combination can help you with all in one-photo printers. With the black coloured ink cartridges, you can easily print more than 200 pages.

Upon the purchase of its tri-colour variant, you can expect print out of 165 colouring pages with its magenta, yellow and cyan ink profile. The HP ink combination works well with specific printer models, mostly being from the HP ENVY printer series. The envy series are also amongst the cheapest printers.




Brother - TN730 Toner Cartridge 


This printer cartridge is one of the longest-lasting ink toners available in the market. Brother - TN730 is designed for providing optimal efficiently. The design and functionality of the toner ink cartridge are engineered intelligently to ensure smooth compatibility with individual black and white Brother laser printers. With these standard yield toner cartridges from Brother, you get a professional printout capacity of more than 1,200 pages of premium quality products. 




HP - 64XL Tri-Colour Ink Cartridge - High Yield Multicolour


 The HP - 64 Tri-Colour printer ink cartridge is ideal for getting enhanced, and colour enriched photo outputs from your colour printer. With its high yielding print output of more than 415 pages, you wouldn’t need to get frequent replacement cartridges. The cartridge uses a bio-based ink system, making it smudge and moisture resistant. So, if you're looking to buy a printer, Hp has always been amongst the top of the range in cartridge brands.




Epson - 702 standard-capacity ink cartridge - black


For a crisp and clear black and white text, and high-quality image printing there is no better option than the Epson - 702 cartridge. This ink cartridge works smoothly on both glossy and regular papers. The ergonomic design of this cartridge helps in quick replacements. 




HP - 951 Cartridges - Pack of three - Yellow/Magenta/Cyan


 This cartridge is known for its long life and exceptional performance on most printers and print heads. You can easily keep the HP Officejet Pro Scan and Copy Printer running smoothly by using the HP 951 range. The colour pack is ideal for printing vibrant coloured documents. 


Whether you’re looking to print figures, photos, diagrams, invoices or documents, you need the best printer cartridges with quality prints that go above and beyond. These cartridges are ideal for the printers in the market and provide a longer life without the need for replacements. Compatible cartridges are also a great alternative. They are lower in price and suited for brother, canon & all major printing brands.





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